OK, hello, erm, right. I don't know much about ducks (or indeed backyard chickens, front yard chickens or free range chickens for that matter) but I do know I love watching them and I enjoy their company so this is my first attempt at keeping ducks. So far I've had many casualties through inexperience (kestrel strike, rat ambush, weasel attack, pneumonia (? maybe?) and a drowning) but I have one drake, Lavender Splash Call and I'm hopefully getting him a lady friend in a few days from a friend who has lots.
My name is Shelly, I'm 39, I live on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea and I'm married to Dave with one son aged three, 2 step-daughters aged 20 and 24, a small black dog, a small tricolour cat and a small grey duck. We named him Mucky as he always looks a bit scruffy. He likes our bath, mealworms (or duck-crack as we call it) and nibbling my watchstrap!!
When I write I use FAR too many capital letters, brackets and exclamation marks!!!
I would like to create a small army of Call Ducks and storm our government building, eventually taking control of the whole island and ruling it with little, feathery soldiers. Mucky was hatched in June, I bought him as an egg off ebay and incubated him in my cleavage (OK that last part may not be true)

Thanks for reading, I'll try not to be boring.