Names Matt and I live in VA. Currently I am taking care of 162 acres of beautiful farmland and near 200 cattle. Avid hunter and fisherman (note: I say hunter and fisher not killer and catcher :p). I like to try my hand at a lot of new things and am always open to suggestions. I also own a weim, pit/dalmation mix and a chocolate 19 velociraptors running through the "short" grass :). All 3 are rescues, Bosch the weim we got the day before he was going to be put down because the pound didn't understand him being to hyper. Roxie the bully mation we also rescued from the pound when she was 2 months old, she was dumped in the road :( but we now own her. And Diamond is our newest addition to our little family. I was helping at a pet grooming facility when the owner had 4 full blooded lab puppies dropped on a friends door step. She brought them over and my brother took the male, dad took a female and I took a female, they were 3 weeks old and still had to be bottle fed a bit and are now growing like crazy.