Our Little Farm
Hi, I'm Shell (better known as weimarmama) & I live in LA. L.A. as in Lower Alabama. I'm 29 years old, and together with my mother, we began our hobby farm a few years ago. I wouldn't trade this life for anything! There's nothing like watching the little kids bouncing around and having fresh eggs to eat.

Be sure to check out our farm's website, Maiden Hill Farm and our soap shop, Maiden Hill Farm on Etsy.

Sorry, no hatching eggs or birds available at this time.

A couple years ago we added citrus trees, along with the garden we normally plant every year. I can't wait until we can go outside and pick an orange or lemon from our own trees. And this year (2012), we added blueberry and strawberry plants, as well as, brown turkey fig and flordaqueen peach trees.


On our hobby farm, we have goats, a pig, donkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, peafowl, & last, but certainly not least, our dogs & cats. And, of course, all of the catfish in our pond.​

In 2012, we began making goat milk soap produced with milk from our own herd. It's been a wonderful experience learning a new craft and especially being able to exercise a little creativity with the soap recipes. A few of our soaps are pictured below:

You can buy our soaps locally or we can ship them to you. Visit our website's soap page, here or our shop on Etsy, here, for a complete list of available soaps, their prices, and ingredients lists.

My grandmother lives with us, as well. She's 84 & with the health problems that typically come with getting older. But she still gets around fairly well, and I think the birds and other animals have served as a great form of therapy. She loves sitting outside and watching the chickens do their chickeny things. And of course, my mom is just as chicken obsessed. In fact, probably more so. Her favorites out of all of the farm animals are the Silkies, Tulip (the pig), and the Toulouse geese.

Weimaraners & the Standard Poodle. Aren't they cute?
From Left to Right is: Verity (my avatar picture because she just loves taking care of the farm animals), Remy, Hunter, and Gabby (my father's dog that lives next door).

RIP Verity 9/28/2103
She was the best dog I've ever had and was my best friend. You'll live on in our hearts forever, Verity.

We have several breeds of chickens, some of them are: Silkies, Seramas, Jersey Giants, Wheaten Marans, Easter Eggers, and Polish bantams. Why so many? Well, we each have our favorite breeds. And, of course, it's hard to stop at just a few chickens. Next year, we should have Wheaten Marans, Polish, Dominique, etc hatching eggs and chicks available for sale.

And our newest additions, Rhodebars and Breda:

We have Pekins, Rouens, Indian Runners, Khaki Campbells, Chocolate Calls, and Muscovies. Next year, we should have Muscovy and Gray Indian Runner hatching eggs and ducklings available.

We have Production Toulouse, Pilgrims, Sebastopols, one African and one Embden. Next year, in addition to the Toulouse, we should have Pilgrim hatching eggs and goslings available for sale.

Guineas are such interesting and comical birds. They never fail to make us laugh or brighten any dull day with their antics. There's a reason they're called the comedians of the barnyard. We got our first ones back in 2003. I wasn't that crazy about them to start with, but now they're some of my favorite birds. And of course, they're great at keeping away ticks and snakes. We have several different colors of guineas.

We have several peafowl: Devreux, our very first peafowl, Osiris (a new Blue peacock that we added in November 2011), Indra, Sweetpea, and Hera (all three were also added in November). We added two Blackshoulder peafowl and another Blue Sept 10, 2012.

We bought several poults last year, and we ended up with only one female in the bunch. So, after rehoming the rest of the boys, we're left with Jim Bob, Snoody, and the lone female Pattycake. Turkeys are very nosy birds, and whenever we're outside working in the yard, the turkeys are always nearby wondering what we're doing. I didn't realize how much we would enjoy them; they've especially become favorites of both my mother and grandmother. Jim Bob, my favorite, is the boss out of the turkeys and the camera hog, too. In 2012, we added Auburn turkeys - I'm very excited about the addition of this breed.

Other Animals
We also have a small herd of goats, mainly Pygmies, a potbelly pig, a sheep, and a guardian donkey named Myrtle. Myrtle is a standard sized donkey and a wonderful companion and guardian for the goats. She loves the goats, especially the kids, and brays if she notices anything unusual going on outside (like strange animals, trespassing dogs, etc). In September 2011, our sweet Myrtle had an adorable little jack foal that we named Mose. We couldn't be prouder to have little Mose.


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