Breed Details:
Weight classification: Lightweight breed. 5-6 pounds. Dual purpose. Great egg layer. Plucks clean.
Brooding: Welsh Harlequin hens will brood their own eggs.
Eggs/year: 300+
Flight: Welsh Harlequins are NOT good fliers. They may leap and flap a bit but they don't get far.
Personality: Welsh Harlequins are a friendly, curious breed. Drakes can get protective when their hens are nesting, but they are not capable of doing much harm.
Drake traits: Iridescent green/black head, pale yellow bill with black bean, white neck ring, chestnut shoulders, cream and brown stippling on back, black (silver phase) or brown tail (gold phase), iridescent blue (silver phase) or bronze (gold phase) wing bands, orange feet with black toenails.
Hen traits: Creamy white with a stippled effect in browns, slate to dark olive green bills, dark legs and feet, and iridescent blue (silver phase) or bronze iridescent (gold phase) wing bands.
Duckling traits: Yellow with slight blushing of black (silver phase) or brown (gold phase) on their heads. Welsh Harlequins can be sex linked at hatching. Females have light pink bills. Males have dark bills.