So I was on here a few months ago because I had gotten three chicks from a Rural King sapphire gem bin. Knowing I was probably getting some mystery chicks I figured what the heck (it’s always fun to guess then wait and see). One lady on here told me one of them was a Rhode Island Blue or Production Blue. She was right the chick turned out to be exactly that. The other two looked like Sapphires, until one started to show a splash of copper feathers and dark blue feather. Knowing that Sapphire Gems are a mix of Plymouth Rock and Barred Rock I know she isn’t a Sapphire Gem. I’m guessing she is mixed with a splash. I looked into blue copper splash marans, but not quite sure. Her temperament is different then the others. She doesn’t like to be petted or held, very inquisitive, talks back to me a lot 🤣 (very loud), just a strong personality… she makes me laugh because she is just a silly funny bird. So I figured I would try here to see if anyone knows what she is. No eggs yet so don’t have any egg color identification.

Pictures are in gallery 😊