What did we get ourselves into?!

By TCritters · Jul 15, 2015 · ·
  1. TCritters
    At the end of April we started our first adventure into chicken keeping. We originally talked about three chicks. On the day I went to pick out my chicks my hubby said no more than 5. So I came home with 4. 2 Rhode Islands and 2 barred rocks. I wanted a couple Americaunas but they were out till following week. When I got them home my hubby was surprised I only got the 4 and no Americauna. I told him I could order one to pick up the following week. He said we may as well have a pair. LOL, so a few days later I brought home two Americaunas!

    In the midst of of bringing home the chicks we are also working on home improvement projects so our coop got put off a bit too long...they have been spending their days in my former garden area and at night I tote them all into the garage to the brooder for the night that seems to be getting smaller. My hubby and I finally came up with plans and started the coop over this past weekend! We were going to go small but at the size we settled on we can at least double our flock. Yay!

    I have sincerely enjoyed watching my little chicks grow and learn. I'm learning right along with them! First thing I learned was about pasty butt. Daphne, one of my BR, had good case of it that I spent many days keeping cleaned up and nurturing. Only to in the following weeks come to find out my beloved girl would really become a little roo. I was still holding out hope that maybe, just maybe I was wrong but last weekend he started singing in his newfound voice. :D as of yesterday "Fred" has a new home a few towns away LOL

    I named all my birds, I was advised not to, but I had to. I have Scooby Doo's pal Velma, Daphne/Fred who went away, "Big Bang Theory" girls Penny and Bernadette, and finally Princess Laya and my favorite Margaret.

    I of course have pictures and will post them soon!

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  1. TCritters
  2. FunOnABun
    My three barred rocks are named Amy, Penny, and Bernadette as well and their coop is named The Laboratory! Great minds and all. ;)
  3. N F C
    Funny how chicks just seem to multiply, isn't it? Glad you're having fun and I look forward to seeing your photos!

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