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By chickenbaby9194 · Apr 1, 2013 · Updated Apr 1, 2013 ·
  1. chickenbaby9194
    Every year my Dad pranks us with an April Fools joke and this year I wanted to prank him. We have five chickens, and I have always wanted a duck but my Dad always says no. So what I did was when my Dad left for work I went onto Craigslist and I found a local farm that sells ducks. There was a phone number listed so I called her. I asked the woman if she would be willing to drop off a duck from 12:45 to 3:00 and I explained to her that this was a prank on my Dad and that we are not actually buying the duck but I will pay her to drop it off and pick it up. The woman agreed. I asked my neighbor, Joe, if he would be willing to come over to my house when the duck arrived so I was not alone with a stranger and a duck. He said he would love to. When the woman arrived with the duck she gave me the duck and I held her in my arms. The duck is a peking duck but I am not positive how old she is. I put her in this abandoned, fenced-in garden in my backyard. At first she was terrified of me. She wouldn't come close to me and she would not stop "quacking".


    After about 10 minutes she began to adjust and she was standing near me and allowing for me to get closer to her.


    Within an hour, me and her were best friends. (Please don't mind my hair, the wind was blowing it everywhere!)

    When my Dad came home he was not pleased. He did not find it as funny and "jokish" as me and my sister did. When the woman came to collect her I said goodbye to her and I received my punishment from my Dad. I am not allowed to play with my chick for an entire 24 hours.


    But I honestly had a blast with my duck and I will get to play with my chick again at 2pm tomorrow.
    I will do a better trick to him next year ;) Maybe a goat?
    Thanks for reading!!

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