What I need and what I have

By hildar · Apr 4, 2014 ·
  1. hildar
    The following are what I have that I can trade for hatching eggs. Or you can buy them when we have them Available. I will be updating this page through the year as we have eggs available, or new breeds, or even new items:

    Due to many orders of Legacy breed eggs we are only taking preorders:

    Pure Legacy are available after May 15th for $35 a dozen plus $15 postage If you want 1 dozen eggs please PM me so I can place you on our list.

    For trades:

    Legacy rooster weight 18 1/2 pounds You will get 4 fertile eggs only
    Goats milk soap (Goat)
    Goats milk soap (Horse head)
    Goats milk soap (Rabbit)

    Soaps you will get 5 bars mix and match whatever comes out of the box first.

    Legacy Pullet (Fertile eggs only) You will get 4 eggs

    I also have Delaware eggs available 6 eggs (Show quality stock)

    What I need:
    Fertile Eggs:
    Gamebirds (Please no big combs)
    Other rare, or critical breeds.

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