I have about 200.00 dollars for both coops and runs. Which was spent on screws 1 sheet of plywood and 8 2x4s plus hinges and locks. I collected 3/4 plywood sheets that were used to form cement and then discarded. When Katrina blew though it wiped out a shed and I recycled all of it. I was lucky to get my hardwire and chicken wire for free. The 2nd coop I built I call the compound it houses 4 golden comets , 5 yellow buffs , and a domnicker. The banty shak was built from a picture I saw on this web site. It was called the eggman and listed for 1300.00 dollars. Painting is all I like finishing it waiting on a good deal on some paint or stain. It houses 7 bb red bantys which I plan to add 3 more real soon. I am ending my expansion phase and chicken space will dictate how many chicken I will keep. I have 6 hen laying which one is a banty. They are consistent in their laying I get 5 brown eggs a day plus a little banty egg. The rest of the tribe has not reached laying age. I live on my Grand Daddy's ole farm which is about 150 acres. I have a wife and 4 children their ages are well not sure about my wife's but the kids are a 9 yr. 7 yr. and two 5 yr. olds. Which one of the twins is a boy and they can all catch and pick up a hen. All of this started when my son and me decided we needed a rooster and just got out of hand. But we do love it so.

Benjamin A Marshall aka the Atomic Rooster