What's Up With My Ducks?

By Quacker13 · Sep 16, 2014 · ·
  1. Quacker13
    So my girlfriend and I decided to get ducks early this spring and absolutely love them, we have five all together, a male and female Khaki Campbell, a male and female Welsh Harlequin, and a female Pekin. They hatched on May 5th 2014 so are only a few months old. My question is none of the females have laid any eggs yet, but every morning when I let them out, both of the males are all over the female khaki and only the female khaki. They leave the other two females alone, does that mean she (the female khaki) is going to lay an egg soon? My other question is, is it possible for the male welsh and female khaki to have ducklings. We love the personalities and markings of both breeds and imagine a combination of the two would be very cool. Any help is much appreciated! [​IMG]


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  1. Amiga
    By the way, drakes will hurt a duck, and worse, so you need to monitor the situation and at this point already I would separate her from them for a day or two at least. I am told that too much mating can prevent a duck from laying.
  2. Quacker13
    Thank you hennible. :)
  3. hennible
    Yes they can interbreed. The drakes favourite girls could be closer to laying than the others or maybe there just the favourites....

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