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  1. Robin37
    I have ideas on this subject based on research and common sense. I became interested in why people mix different breeds when I bought eleven chicks from a personal person unknown to me and discovered later that my chicks were not what they were sold as. Then I wondered, what was the purpose of mixed breeds of chickens. I discovered that some people mix two breeds together: in an attempt to make a new breed, to try and get different or certain colored eggs, to improve the outcome of the purpose of a breed in different climates, taste, and strengths, because some people just let different breeds run together, and for beauty. WP_20170516_18_33_50_Pro.jpg What breed am I? The picture above is a mixed breed chicken that is now a hybird. He is my favorite rooster because of his lovely blue colored feathers and his perfectly shaped beautiful comb. I was told that he is a Blue Wyandotte a new kind of Wyandotte that hatcheries have discovered. He appears more stately and slender than a Wyandotte to me.

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  1. alexa009
    Thank You Robin!:hugs So are you!
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  2. alexa009
    I rated it 5 stars.;)
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    1. Robin37
      Thank you Alexa from the bottom of my heart. You are too sweet!
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  3. Whittni
    A single cross offspring isn't considered a new breed--it's a hybrid. To be a new breed, it takes generations of line breeding and needs a distinction from other recognized breeds. For example, Cinnamon Rangers and Red Stars are just hatchery-made names (just marketing slogans) for the same hybrid of a RIR and White Leghorn.
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    1. Robin37
      Thank you Whittni. It is fixed.
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