Why To Have Chickens In Your Backyard Benefits

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    Chickens that you raise properly should have good healthy combs like this one.
    Keeping chickens in your backyard not only decreases your bug but they also fertilize your yard and garden. Some plants that are beautiful and chickens will not eat are listed here: Heliotrope,Agapanthus ,Salivias( this sweet smelling pretty little flower may come in many varieties of color) ,and the popular flower Iris. You may not think you can have a growing garden with a growing flock of feathered-friends! But if you planted a few of the flowers above than you can create a Jungle!! There are many different types of flowers that any chicken will take refuge from the hot sun and will NOT taste..Now back to some more benefits of owning a free ranging flock in your backyard.The eggs from your flock are extremely healthier and safer to eat; because you know what you fed them and how good it is for them,they are fresher....who knows how old the eggs you buy are! The eggs that they will produce are (providing they are female) noticeably tastier. The poop from your birds will enrich your compost and strengthen your fertilizer,which you could sell or use in your garden to make more plants or have a secluded vegetable garden to grow produce. Also the little flock,~whether you know it or not~ ,are saving you some back-braking work! They scratch up the soil which aerate the soil and loosen it up with their talons.Chickens are interesting and fun! As they go about doing their every-day "chores" you can sit and watch them as they have "conversations " with each other and run around scratching at the ground for breakfast. They are so cute and extremely talented. And last but not least the birds teach lessons for your children by teaching them that work equals Delicious food from the birds.
    [​IMG] In this picture is some chickens of mine that are not free ranged but have a extremely large outdoor run.
    Their eggs are fresh healthy and tasty, we get near a half dozen a day and they are very docile. In the past I free ranged my birds
    but due to predators I resigned to keeping them safely enclosed in a large yard. But you don't have to have free ranging chickens to raise a flock and get the tastiest eggs on earth! Any fresh eggs from your birds will be much healthier than any store can provide. plus a big bonus is that you can start your own business with your birds!! Selling eggs,chicks,fertilizer,and meat can bring in quite a profit! Certain breeds like the Cochin are great meat birds but others like the Australorp are better at laying eggs. So when you are choosing your Backyard flock you must decide which sort of profit you want. Meat or eggs.
    [​IMG] Guinea Hens are wild but have been domesticated and know are very popular in the US. They are strange looking but they are VERY good natural pest control!
    Guinea hens eat ticks; it is their favorite morsel!

    You may also keep ducks.. my family owns Four ducks at the time and as you can see in the picture these Khaki Campbell ducks love to eat vegetation! Can you believe all that poop and mud used to be full of fresh green grass? Chickens will not eat all your grass so don't worry about having a naked yard,just because you keep chickens! I hope I have covered the whole of this topic! I have owned chickens for two years and I have enjoyed it immensely! This spring will be my third year and I am very proud of having the honor of writing this article about Why to have chickens in your backyard-Benefits..... I hope my article covered all your questions about keeping chickens and why to do it! Enjoy!

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    Guess I did not win the contest.:( Oh Well...
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    Lots of good info, thanks. I have my chickens cooped up at night for protection but let them free range during the day. The first thing I noticed after a couple of weeks of them roaming was no fleas, and very few ticks compared to before I let them roam. Also I let them roam in my garden and boy do they keep the bugs away. Of course some of the plants I have to fence off because like us, the chickens love them some tomatoes and other plants, so a wire is strung up about 2 feet off the ground to save the veggies they love.... Alsos the neighbor love when they come into their yard, again, because of the bugs they eat. Plus she greets my rooster each morning on her back porch with a treat... There are many more good things with roaming chickens which each of us will discover...
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