I am starting on a duck raising adventure. Not only am looking for a fresh supply of eggs, but I am looking for gardening help. It is my hope that the ducks will eat the slugs that keep destroying my plants.
So far I have a pile of materials that are ready to be repurposed, a bunch of websites I am reading on duck raising info, and an empty space behind my shed.
I cobbled all the various pieces parts in to a workable duck hut and run. There are things I need to change (hut is too big) but it will work for now.
Around Christmas time I saw an add in Craigslist for FREE ducks! I had to go check it out. Ended up with a Khaki Campbell Drake, a Dark Khaki hen and an Indian Runner hen. I named them Jack, Janet & Chrissy.
Found another add on Craigslist for Buff ducks. Only $6. I had to get one. Ended up with a 4H duck that had won a ribbon. She is really cute and has taken over the flock :D I named her Lana. I really need to stay off Craigslist!
Jan 16. The Drake is mating with 2 of the females (Janet and Lana). No eggs yet, but should be any time. The 3rd female keeps getting chased away. Apparently Jack doesn't like dumb blondes.
Jan 18. Got my first egg today :D Slightly off-white. The size of a jumbo chicken egg. Looks like it could be a khaki egg. Way to go Janet!
Jan 19. Got a second egg. Maybe my runner will get the idea now :D Still have another month or so before the buff starts laying.