Hello folks, soon as I figure out how to post pictures here maybe I'll add a few. Real name is John. I have a few chickens for the eggs. I have 11 chickens and 3 roosters, but only the Araucana is in with the hens. He is such a hen pecked guy. Most all of his tail feathers are gone because of them. His name is Cotton Tail, more like no-tail as he is also rumpless. Looks like one long neck that ends at feet, with huge spurs, good thing he is so gentle. Also, I live with a wife of what will be 40 years this June. Just bought her a new car, should have to cover her birthday and anniversary.
If I'm lucky.

Well, I still have not figured out how to post pictures in this BYC page. However, the news here is that I have just put 36 eggs in the incubator as of last night. Two dozen + 2 or 26 are from my chickens and 10 are from my daughter-in-law's. Looking for a hatch day around the 5th of April.

Almost a year since I joined BYC. The hatch turned out fine, but most of the chicks turned out to be males, so they ended up in the pot. I saved a replacement for the Araucana roo as I went out one day and when I returned, my Daughter-in-law had butchered him.
She also butchered about four of my old hens, so the hatch was a good thing. I did keep what few hens I had from the hatch, upping my total to 14 + the one guy, all EEs. That makes for an ample amount to keep us in eggs and the few we have customers for.

All in all it was a good year, once I got done with the therapy on my shoulder. I also bought a new motorcycle and have been riding whenever I get some free time, even yet in the cold of Dec. Have not decided if I will hatch eggs again this coming year, but it is early to be thinking about that.