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    We are a family of six, plus one little black cat. This spring we brought home two white silkie hens, and our backyard chicken journey began. This is Faye [​IMG] and this is Eleanor [​IMG]

    Next, we set up the coop [​IMG]

    We also hand raised a small flock of bantams we ordered this spring. We gave half away, and kept three [​IMG] a White Crested Black Polish named Dahlia, a Buff Brahma named June and our wonderful little Barred Plymouth Rock named Betty. [​IMG]

    We have had a lot of fun with our new family members, and just love the fresh eggs the hens provide. [​IMG]

    Now, we have three more little hens we brought home from the Brighton swap meet. A sweet little red frizzle cochin we call Lucy (as in Lucille Ball!) [​IMG] a beautiful golden laced cochin named Genevieve [​IMG] and just when I thought we were through, someone offers my daughter a sweet little white silkie pullet who was bound for a soup pot. After a good bath, she sure is sweet! We call her Belle [​IMG]
    We love our chickens!

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