This is my first coop here at Willow Brook Farm. It is 3' x 6' overall and has a 4' x 8' x 2' detachable run. There is storage above the nest boxes and it is accessable from the outside. The pop door is in the floor but the chickens prefer to come and go through the big door at the back that was supposed to be only for cleaning. It looks like there is no ventilation but there is a large window on the front (covered with plastic in the pic to the left as the chicks were still under a light inside when it was taken) and a wide but short section above the access door on the back that comes off for the summer months. Now that we have the other coop the large back door stays open all the time and the hens only go in there to lay eggs in the nest boxes.
Below is my second phase of construction. It is a covered "coop" that I built because of the "guinea population explosion!" (We went from 4 keets to 2 adults and 35 keets in about eight months!) It is 12' x 16' (fully covered) with one end made solid for wind and preditor protection. My flock lived here all winter with only tarps to keep out the cold wind and they were fine, even with the record cold we had in the south.


The cardboard box is the brooder box that I kept the keets in when they lived in the garage. They still love it and have just about destroyed it. I left it in there until they learned to go there to roost at night. It worked! They go in to sleep each night and I can lock them up safe from the night creepers. The roosts are very high for the guineas but the chickens insist on getting up there too. I worry that they will hurt themselves trying to get down but they much prefer the highest roosts and I haven't the heart to deny them access to that space.
Phase III of construction - I added an eight foot extension to the back of the run. This new area is 12' x 8' and has coop space and storage. Coop and run are now 24' long. Pictures to follow.