Hi to all! My name is Anna and i live in beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand, with my partner Myke and our beautiful lil girl WIllow. Well i must say i dont kno a lot about chickens but ours wern't been looked after when we got them. They had been sitting in a cardboard box for 3days without food or water, so we built them a coop in one afternoon and we've done our best since then. originally we were told we had 4 hens and one rooster. Well our rooster Valient was much too big and too aggressive for our size property so he was released into a patch of bush our local pound has set up for unwanted birds with PLENTY of room for him to strut his stuff. was a shame tho coz he was gorgeous!! As soon as he left, two of our supposed hens started crowing! so we had 2 hens and 2 roosters for a while, and then our neighbours dog sadly took a liking to one of the roosters. (sounds pretty bad so far i know!) With one rooster (Ray) and two hens (Nancy & Zelda) left we have been very successful with an egg a day from each until spring hit and Zelda got broody and wandered off to the flax bushes in the paddock in front of our house to make her nest. 3 weeks later we have 13 beautiful and healthy chicks!
Our poor chickens when they first arrived.
Valiant in all his Glory
they think they own the place!
Family Love!!
Feedin Frenzy
Proud Mama
Baby by Baby
Family Outing #1
Willow cuddling our dog Jess
Egor & Elmo