Well, it is getting a little cold, dropping into the 20s at night and my hubby decided to winterize. As you can see,
our coop has some spacing between the boards where the wind could come whistling through:


So, he applied insulation board on the inside of the coop.

Shiny, shiny insulation board.

The girls loved it!

They loved it THIS much:


They loved it on both sides:


They seemed to not like the shiny paper as much as the styrofoam underneath, because we see evidence of
discarded paper, but not so much styrofoam left around.


Here's hoping they don't suffer any ill effects. They've been on this new diet (
) for 3 days, but we just

...Got lots of advise from crafty and thrifty and wise BYC'ers...

Finished the new winterizing effort today!

We didn't put on insulation board, just covered the cracks with what hubby calls "backer board" used for cabinets.
Didn't paint it, yet, but we might do that later.



Kept the silver foil insulation board up high where they can't reach.

While we were at it, hubby did some other mods. He removed the branch ladder he'd built to the coop pop door,
and replaced it with a front porch and a side ramp. The ladder we had positioned in the center of the run got in
the way for food/water changes. Plus when they got frisky, they didn't really have a stretch to flap their wings - now
they do!
Also added a chain to the carabiner so we didn't lose it when we opened the door.


Below they are so *very* confused that the bottom of the coop is gone (it is a sliding drawer we can remove to do
a quick clean out).


They were very interested in all the changes. They were trying to get to where hubby was working,


...but stood at the pop door waiting to get in (when they could have just walked right under)