Well, We are about 8 weeks into this. It has been an experience. I grew up on a Dairy farm, so I thought it would be easier than it really is, Chickens are fun, but Lots of work.
. We had this little box built between 4 trees when we got here. We strapped it up with Chicken wire. I think it was a play house. From here, we cut a hole for the door, and added a dog cage outside. Soon we will start to let them free range.Lets start with the Coop


Just a few weeks in.

Feeding Time

Big Roo Baby Roo (out of our 6 chicks from TSC, we only had 1 ROO! I was told that was good)
What I really think is crazy. The chickens seem to have made little clicks. the first 2 big ones, that I got from a lady on a farm. The 2 medium ages, that are now about 15 weeks old. Then we got 6 from TSC store, 4 of them are flocked, and the 2 smallest flocked. One of which is the little Roo! This is the Roo and Hen. SEXY ROO!!!
Breed Americana, Jersey Giant?

Little Flock 2 ( Eliza, Clare-Belle)

Breed Polish Top Hat, ?????

Little Flock 3 (3 unnamed and LaDonna)

Breeds, These all came from TSC. They said they were all Barred Rocks

Little Flock 4 (Tick and Tock)
These are my favorites. They are so cute. I have no clue what breeds they are, These came from TSC as well. They told me they were Bantums. Isn't baby Roo so cute. I think he is going to be so sexy.