Hi everyone! I am new to raising chickens (so in love!) and hopefully ducks really soon. I have really enjoyed my time spent here at backyardchickens.com and have learned a lot. I recently started a hatch project for my 2nd grade class at school. We currently have 9 chicks and possibly two more coming from this hatch. I am considering adding ducks and/or geese to my gang of critters which currently consists of 1 border collie/pyranese girl named Scout, 13 fully grown chickens (barnyard mix), a really fat cat named Elvis and a lovely new little flock of chicks (buff orps, black australorps, blue copper marans, black ameracauna and mutts).

My school website is http://ses.tcboe.org
My class blog is www.chappell2nd.blogspot.com
my facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/chrissy.chappell (I welcome friend requests from this board if you'll send a note along with your request)