Hi, I am new and have concern about my stray chickens! I discovered these chickens living in the woods next to my house back in september of 2008. I started feeding them, but they are very wild!There were three, one that looked like a rooster and two hens. The rooster disappeared about a month after I found them. Now the two hens, one is currently bunked down with straw and 14 eggs in my kids playhouse! She has been sitting on these, for about 10 days, near as I can figure. She only comes out every few days to even eat. These Chickens fly VERY well and have been known to disappear for two or three days, then they are back. So I wonder if these eggs this chicken is sitting on are duds or if she may have a rooster friend she visited! I do live in a rural area where other people have free range chickens with-in 1/4 mile that I know of. I was gonna catch them and give them away, but then the kids and I got so we enjoyed seeing them and feeding them. This hen sitting on her eggs is VERY protective. I got one picture after watching for days for her to take a break. The kids have decided to donate the bottom of the playhouse for a chicken coop, and I guess I can put up netting to give them a outdoor area. I would welcome any suggestions about what to do about this chicken to determine how long to let her sit on these eggs.