We received a rooster fall 2009 as part of our usual freezer camp for a friend's surplus. Big Boy is a barnyard mix of White Rock and RIR, and a real sweetheart who persuaded us to get him some girls. Boldy and Hawk are RIR hens acquired as 4 wk pullets from a country breeder in Irvine Dec 2009, while Digger and Shadow were bought in March '10. Digger is a devoted broody mama, a Barred Rock?Marans something or other. Shadow is a gorgeous yard princess Australorp who keeps herself spotless - no dingle berries on her skirts.
Hawk is boss hen, and a good friend with our Belgian Malinois dog Vixey. She even gets to share bone marrow bits, and appears to solicit play, pecking and growling at the dog until she turns and play fights. Seems kinda dangerous but no one has been hurt in a year of this.
This winter (Jan 2011) we went down and picked up 8 chicks from Shelley2008 in Adair Co. The kids are loving them - great distraction from TV in long winter on the mountain.