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By woolychicken · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    My husband and I have went from raising childern to raising chickens. We have 3 wonderful childern that are now all married plus 5 grandchildern and hopefully more Lord willing.

    We started out with a few hens and just enjoyed them so much we decided that this is what we would like to do. We have found our feathered friends to be so relaxing after a long day at our jods.At the present we have a few egg customer and we hope to expand our little bussiness. Our hens are free to rome the 2 1/2 acers during the day. At night they are locked in to their coop for safety. We belive that what our hens eat makes or breaks a good egg. That is why our gals are feed the best natural feed we can buy. They are also given yogurt, oatmeal,flax seed,alfafa sprouts, cooked beans,and much more.

    There is nothing we enjoy more then our family, except our chickens.

    EGGS- R- US


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