World's Smallest Egg???

By SuziQ18 · Aug 7, 2017 · ·
  1. SuziQ18
    Heh Guinness...I think I have beaten or at least tied the record of 2.7 centimeters for the smallest chicken egg ever laid. Yesterday's egg vs. today's egg from the same chicken. Interesting!!
    DSCN0801.JPG DSCN0803.JPG

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  1. AuntChickie
    Oh dang! I didn't realize that was a "thing"! I mean, I know about "fart eggs," but I didn't know to compare them to GBWR!
    1. SuziQ18
      What's a fart egg?? I never heard of that.
    2. AuntChickie
      There's an article here on BYC about odd eggs:
  2. blackdust951
    how much does it weigh?
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    1. SuziQ18
      Haven't weighed it but I would guess maybe an ounce
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  3. FrankieDoodle
    That is so cute!
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  4. Windy's Feathered Friends
  5. nickylou665
    So tiny!
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    1. SuziQ18
      I know huh?! I had another one (but brown) from another chicken just a wee bit bigger than this one last month.
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