Quietly and slowly I've worked on my hen house all summer. Working a full time sales job, tending a large garden, and taking care of my 10 acres and dogs doesn't leave much time. And my regular visits to BYC constantly give me new ideas that change my direction or cause me to stop and think about what I can do. I had this old 8x12 building that I made in the 90s for a kennel with runs for six dogs. When I moved to my new house on the 10 acres in 2000 I hired a roll back rig to move it for me, but they damaged it so it sat for ten years, the T-111 slowly deteriorating. I knew it would be a huge project, but I gutted it, jacked it up and put timbers under it, and began to study on how best to restore it to a new use. I'm happy to announce that in a week or so, I may be able to post photos of it. I'm nearly finished - all I need is to put a wire apron around it for protection, and finish the outside run. My only regret is that I did not take any photos of the "before" state of the building.
10/25/10 - I have the wire apron installed around the outside run, and I've started to attach the small wire to the outside of the run today and it promptly began to rain. I'm getting anxious to finish the hen house. Seems like I've been working for a year on this, but I want to be sure that it is predator proof.