We've built a new house for all our ladies. It's 10'x16'. The old house was just too small. They’ve been living in their new house for almost one year, and winter was easy this year.
We currently have 25 hens consisting of 8 Golden Comets, 13 Black Stars, and 4 white hens that we think are a mix of a golden comet. As you can see in the picture with Wyatt standing in the house, the babies have their own section. We will be getting 12 new Black Stars in a couple weeks. Black Stars are great layers and didn’t mind the coldness of the Midwest winter.
The roosts are on hinges so that I can hook them to the ceiling for easy clean up. The walls are also sided from the windows to the floor for easy cleaning of the walls. There is a drain in the floor in the babies section that once I clean out the litter, I can power wash the walls and it drains out into the field.
The ladies love their new house, and are adjusting well. The best thing is that gnats don't bother them in their house, and they can sit in there to get away from them and still have enough light. The light above their section in the house has natural light bulbs. It's on a timer and comes on at 5:00 a.m. and turns off at 7:00 a.m. We let them roost with the sun, which helps in egg production.