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My fascination with poultry started a few years ago while wandering through the livestock exhibits at the Kentucky State Fair with my boyfriend Alan.
While growing up, we had always had a few laying hens around, but nothing like the poultry I found at the state fair. The colors, shapes, and sizes were all so beautiful. I left with the desire to begin showing poultry myself. With the purchase of a few magazines, endless hours on the internet, and attendance at a few shows, I was well on my way to a full fledged addiction. Evidence of this is apparent if you view:

Fast forward to the following year and my showing debut at the same fair which I had first become enchanted with the world of show poultry. Armed with little sleep, lots of nervousness, and a complete lack of knowledge, I had purchased, groomed, and entered my birds. Putting the rookie mistakes aside, it was a great experience, and insured that I was a full fledged addict.
The people I encountered were unbelievably friendly and ready to lend a hand with supplies, advice, and most of all encouragement. I had my first disqualification, and my first reserve champion AOCCL. I also met members of the Kentuckiana Poultry Club, and was invited to join their oganization.

With a few more shows and awards behind me, and an increased confidence, I returned to the Kentucky State Fair this past year. The hard work payed off and I was rewarded with a Champion AOCCL, Reserve AOCCL, and Champion Featherleg. I also got to meet a few of the other BYC addicts.
So until Betty Ford opens a rehab unit for poultry addicts, I'll see you at the next show or swap meet! You can follow the trail at:
Briar Ridge Bantam Show Results