[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]my name is Micki , I am the wife of a wonderful Husband ,2 children of our own, 2 stepchildren
we live in Jacksonville Alabama, My husband had heart problems starting at the age of 40 , a year ago he had open heart surgery (he is part cow) lol now . he is 45 now and is doing better that most after it
we owned a construction company in Ga for 3 yrs , before moving back to our home town
Billy is not able to have a regular job , and i now own a Vinyl decal lettering and sign shop ,,
it's more of a little hobby but it does generate money lol
both of us grew up on what is considered here as a mini farm , so farm animals are not strangers to us
but at our grown age we have only had goats ,,, which didnt last long lol
after buying eggs at the store the high prices , and the fact every time we go in to Pickette's feed store , for dog food we see the baby chicks
we didnt buy any , well we had been talking about rasing chicks ,, i told my husband i could only raise them for the eggs , couldnt bare to eat a chicken that i raised lol
anyway we decided on the 1st of march we would go to trade day (what most people call flea market) and we came home with 7 bantam chickens
they were like bringing home a new baby , we fussed over them , and spent all the rest of the day just watching them lol
but we went down to the feed store to get food and a waterer ,,, well when we walked in guess what ,, there was the first shipment of baby pullets ,,,
oh course now we came home with 8 little babies ...
we got them all set up , and started working on the bantam's chicken run , and house
the following monday we went back to the feed store to look at the second shipment of chicks ,,, which we were only going to get a breed of roosters for each breed of hens we had ,,,,
we they didnt have them all ,,, but they did have new breeds of pullets
so now we have 16 pullets and 3 roo's
time to start working on the run and house for those
shew i hope it doesnt take me and my husband as long to build that as it did to build the bantams
i will continue to update the progress