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Hello everyone...from one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Our family consists of my husband Sam (retired-Navy) originally from Birmingham, AL, and myself, Patsy from Memphis,TN. We are the proud owners of 4 dogs, 5 cats, and 41 chickens. We have three beautiful GRAND daughters, 1 in Orlando and 2 in Memphis.
Our little farm is beautiful. We are restoring an 19th century farmhouse, because...the greenest homes are those that are already built.
We've learned a lot about the ability of our ancestors who built homes like this with their bare hands. Such as, there's a huge boulder under the house you can see from the root cellar, obviously it's so large they could not move it...so the house was built over it. End of problem, now the boulder will never be in the way. The house was placed in a spot on the side of a hill with a large hill or mountain (depending on where you're from) across from the house and one behind us rising up from the river bank. When there are storms in the hills, the wind blows all around us, but it doesn't hit our house. It's as if our home was placed in this small safety zone.
You know the HGTV show, "If these walls could talk?" They always find clues and sometimes treasures in the walls, attics, etc. in old homes. We've torn out and dug around in all parts of the house and all we've found are two very old, dried up rat carcasses in the ceiling. We have found an arrowhead near the barn though. We still have an original smoke house on the property, with it's stone firepit in the center.
It's a simpler life, but by no means...an easier one. I don't think we could have found a more beautiful spot of land, we have it all here.
We could do some fishing out back, many fly fisherman are standing in the Calfkiller River on the weekends. We're more of a catfish kind of family, so we don't fish much here. The river is full of trout. The Tennessee Fisheries officials bring their tanker truck right across a field from us and dump trout when they have too many fish. The water is so clear, you can see the trout swimming back and forth. If you're lucky, you can sneak up a beaver doing it's thing...but, that is rare. Beavers are very skittish, as are the Great Blue Herons that do their fishing in the Calfkiller.