Welcome to our page!
In our family their is myself, my husband, Our son Joshua,
& Peanut our Nigerian Dwarf Wether

Hopefully in a few months we will have some chickens again. Hoping to get the following:


Mottled Cochins
Blue Cochins
Self Blue Cochins
Blue Belgium Quail d Anvers
Mottled Japanese
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
Porecelain d Uccle
Blue Mille Fleur d Uccle
Buff Brahma
Light Brahma


Cream Brabanter
Mottled Houdan
Spangled Hamburg
Salmon Faverolle
Norweigan Jaerhon
Golden Campine
Blue Andalusion
Spangled Russian Orloff
Speckled Sussex
Spangled German Spitzhuban
Mottled Java

And then a little later this year before winter we want to get a Boston Terrier
Puppy hoping that maybe we will be able to adopt one and give him/her a good
indoor home. My son loves dogs and is great with them! He has never even saw a
Puppy so I am really excited about this. After researching family dogs this seemed
Like the perfect fit for our family.....