Holy Valley Farms (HVF) was established in 1976 as an organic farm rasing...(screech) Ok - There is no farm but my last name is German and is translated to Holy Valley. I have raised various animals since I was young taking them all the way into 4-H up to college. I usally plant a garden each year and like to maintain my yard and such. Yes I am in the city but am looking to purchase some chickens to help my daughter learn how to raise animals as well. We currently have 2 chihuahua's that she feeds each day (she is only 3!) Cooper is 5 and Casey is 4.

HVF is proud to announce the purchase of 5 Barred Rock chicks! Chicks were born April 16, 2009. NEW CHICKS born April 22, 2010. Now there are 7 barred rocks.

HVF is also producing Citrus and various exotic fruits through our extension farm run by the founder of Holy Valley Farms - Gary. Various pictures will be added after the summer (no fruit) months.



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[FONT=georgia,palatino] Hens are now 1 year old! Plus 2 new chicks! There are 7 total.[/FONT]​
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