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By ziL · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. ziL
    This page will probably be full of odd little "mutt" chicks someday, but for now I don't have an incubator and my bantam Cochin pullet probably won't go broody this year. Apparently my computer only publishes pictures to the forum. [​IMG] I was going to show you my chickens...
    [​IMG] This is Red (cockeral) and Blackie (pullet), both Brahma "mutts" ;Red is probably a RIR cross.

    [​IMG] Zarra (pullet) and Phillip [​IMG]

    These four are my only bantams, and I will breed them in pairs. [​IMG] Susie [​IMG] Princess [​IMG] Sargeant [​IMG] Houdini

    [​IMG] Fuzzball and Mark, both cockerals unfortunately.

    [​IMG] Then there's Marvin, another Brahma cross. I might breed him to Blackie at some point too.

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