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By zookeeper15133 · May 14, 2012 · Updated Aug 5, 2012 ·
  1. zookeeper15133

    Pick 1:

    Boys 3T clothes. PM me for more info. Most of these are nothing fancy, jeans and T shirts, and most of the pants have the adjustable waist band., 3 pants and 3 shirts?

    A stack of 6 pack planter's. Used but in good shape. There are about 60 of them.


    Skylanders Boomer character, with all cards. It was in a 3 pack , he already had this one but needed the other 2.

    I also have IGNITOR out of a 3 pack, new with cards, just not in package.

    I also have ZOOK, NIP

    Pick 2 or 3


    Mother Earth News October/Nov 2011
    Mother Earth News Guide to Organic Gardening Spring 2012 (2)
    Mother Earth News Guide to Self Reliance Winter 2011 (3)
    Grit Jan/Feb 2012 (1)
    Grit Mar/Apr 2012 (2)
    Grit May/June 2012
    Natural Home & Garden Mar/Apr 2012 (3)

    Note cards. Many people use them in picture frames. They are all 5x7.

    Reptiles, Dogs, Sail boats, Animals, Coffee Cups. I have more than one of some of them.

    Ice cube trays, silicone. Orange stars, Aqua arrows, Orange plus signs, and pink or blue hearts.



    PICK 6 or 8
    Feed bags. Purina: Goat chow, Noble Goat, indoor cat food, dog chow, scratch grains, flock raiser, rabbit food. I also have some Nutrina, Dumore and plain white bags. The plain white bags are much softer and would make great liners. I still have some of the pink Layena bags.

    Pick 2
    Napkin holder. It is a black square with a stainless wire and ball to hold the napkins in place.
    Remote holder. This goes over the arm of your chair to hold your remotes and magazines. It stays in place well. They are both from Ikea.

    I didn't wash these before the pics, they will be clean when shipped.
    The birds are about 4.5" long by 2.5" high. I think they are scent diffusers. There is a rubber plug in the bottom and holes in their backs. One has lilacs and one has violets.

    The quart milk bottle has Cow Santa and Mrs with reindeer.

    The dogs are the same and hollow.


    5"Bud vase
    Butterfly bell, it rings true.
    Blue bell, it's either very old or very cheap. LIL
    Flower bell, it has some minor chips around the rim but rings nice, I do believe it is lead crystal.
    Moon and Stars bell, 24% lead Crystal. Marked Albert & Price products.
    101 Dalmatians Christmas ornament.


    Eagle Bell, has The Pledge of Allegiance on the back.
    Praying Hands Bell, has a version of Serenity Prayer on the back. Rings true.

    Premium Swaps

    A spot light with 4 color discs and 6 pattern discs. Circle, square/diamond, random dots, snowflake/star, reindeer and houses.


    Things I want:
    White Call Duck eggs

    Swaps I owe: 6 Sizzle eggs and 12 EEO to Crazypetlady
    6 Mottled Cochin eggs to Nsampsel, beg of Aug

    Swaps owed to me: Feb 2013 Eggs from Crazypet lady
    Lav. Silkie eggs from Ray_n_Debi

    Side Swaps I owe

    Side swaps owed to me

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