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    I would say it's a pullet!
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    ***<3ChickenForever and ChickenPeep's CHAT thread!***

    Did you end up getting some chicks?! My chicks are big now and I'm sad haha. I want more chicks already.
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    Dogs vs. Cats ( need more cat fans!!!! )

    You said 44 and someone after said 42 when they missed a number so I just went off yours. 45 still!
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    ***<3ChickenForever and ChickenPeep's CHAT thread!***

    I didn't get my badge till March 9th (that's when they PMed me to tell me) even though I joined in February on the 20th. You'll get yours eventually!!! Lol I'm so sorry Peep! I hope you get more chicks! And that's so weird how you went from 11 to 3 in a year. That's terrible! Ugh I'm so sorry...
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    any ideas as to the gender of these 6 week olds?

    They all look like pullets to me but I'm not sure about that black and white one. If they have pointed neck feathers, a larger comb, thick legs, hardly any tail feathers, then it's probably a rooster.
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    Sick Chick

    I think the chick is okay! Baby chicks do strange stuff when they are tired! Sometimes they'll even spread out their legs!
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    Help Please!!

    Welcome to BYC! I have never hatched eggs before but I know enough about hatching them. Usually they don't open their eyes till maybe a day after hatching. You can carefully take off the pieces of shell if they are stuck to the chick if you want. I think the chickens will be alright, though!
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    Shelless Eggs

    I agree with Ol Grey! It is completely normal for their first eggs to be abnormal. I would wait a little longer before you start to worry. I think your hens will start laying shelled eggs soon though!
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    Dogs vs. Cats ( need more cat fans!!!! )

    45 (From Stern Rose)
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    The object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming zombie apocalypse.What is it?

    Are we still playing this game? Lol my object would be a wood door.
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    ***<3ChickenForever and ChickenPeep's CHAT thread!***

    Thank you Twilight and Peep. It means a lot to me! I like to think that he is in chicken heaven, still looking out for his ladies. I'm sorry to hear about that Twilight! I also had a hen that would sit on my lap and sleep there and she also died a while ago. Hey guys guess what?! If you...
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    ***<3ChickenForever and ChickenPeep's CHAT thread!***

    My sweet Creamy is gone. My beautiful boy is dead. A mink got him and Creamy put up a real good fight. He protected his ladies. The mink is dead now. I miss my boy If you don't know Creamy he is the one in my avi.
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