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    My first Fox attack that ended in a kill

    Geez, I never thought of that! Especially in the winter...move on they would!
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    weak shells, laying at night

    I have a hen doing this...this morning they ate half of the frozen, shell-less egg. I guess they had an eggsickle!
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    Any interest on splitting an order from Meyer? Northern Illinois

    I mainly got barred rocks. Rhode Island, and the buff/sex links. All lived but one. Kept five, get five eggs a day with no heat or lights in coop!
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    How much does it cost?]

    The biggest cost for three chickens would be the coop. You might spend $25 a month in feed and litter. So it depends on the coop.
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    Vague ordinance..

    In our town the code reads "domestic fowl running loose" is a nuisance. So there you go...I think you will be fine. I would not call and ask, better to ask for forgiveness, then beg for permission!
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    Frostbite? What is wrong with Ginger's comb?

    My daughter just brought CrackerJack in, she has the same but a wee bit worse. Not much else you can do. I do not use heat or lamps because I want the birds to be acclimated. I do apply Vaseline.
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    Any interest on splitting an order from Meyer? Northern Illinois

    Birds came in last Wednesday. Look real good. 15 left!
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    Got my FIRST egg today!!!!

    The first egg our chickens ever gave out looked like a ping-pong ball.
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    Any interest on splitting an order from Meyer? Northern Illinois

    I am ordering the "All pullet rainbow pack" from Meyer. The bulk order of chics (25) keeps the price lower. I am in Lake County, Illinois. Price per chic is $3.00 each. Pick of the litter, I only want to raise five. I want to place the order this week, let me know how many you might be...
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    Comment by 'All about the EGG' in item 'Black Sex Link chicken'

    The ones we had were very friendly. Keep handling them!
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    Do I need to insulate my coop?

    Protect from the wind, and have good ventilation. Also, have some petrol jelly for the combs. I remember one night it was -10 out, and in the coop it was 10 degrees, no light, no heat, no nothing! This was a 4x4 coop. Good luck and have fun!
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    Hello from northern Illinois

    Welcome! I had some chickens but the local fox killed them. Good luck to you!
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    Coop on ebay. Any thoughts?

    I would not buy it. Lay out some sticks or something to actually see those dimensions....too small. Look at your local home improvement store and see what they have as far as kids playhouses.
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