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    Curled toes, Splayed legs on new hatches.

    curled toes are usally fairly easy to fix with just a piece of duct tape. staighten the toes out then stick them to a piece of duct tape (on the bottom of thier feet) folding the edges over the tops of thier toes. Its worked for me numerous times.
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    WTB: Nigerian Dwarf Goat

    We are looking for young, colorful, Nigerian Dwarf Goat(s) for a pet. In or surrounding Southeast, TN If anyone can help please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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    Still don't know about humidity...

    Humidity should be 58-60% from day one to day 18 and should be increased to 65% from day 18 to day 21. For still air incubators
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    How do I check my unhatched eggs?

    If friday was day 21 it can take up to 24 days for them to hatch. I recommend just waiting until day 24
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    hatching question

    I dont open my bator until I get ready to take all the chicks out, usally 2 to 3 days after the first one hatches.
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    Can I clean my Goose eggs before puting them in the Bator? How?

    I clean my real dirty eggs off with a damp paper towel, before putting them in the bator.
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    What should I do now? EGG SHIPPING RANT

    I would probaly send them more eggs. A happy customer is very important. I sent a dozen eggs to a buyer last year and none hatched, I know that it wasnt my fault , I was hatching the very same eggs out of the very same chickens with high hatch rates. So in order to please my customer (they was...
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    How do you pack your eggs for shipping?

    I dont have any pics, but I wrap each egg individually in bubble wrap (the bubble wrap with the big bubbles) surround the eggs in the box with crummpled paper, newspaper, magizine or catalog pages etc. Just try not to let the eggs touch the box. Make sure theres something to take the impact...
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    What is the best breed of quail for eggs?

    I dont know much about coturnix except they are they quail to get for egg laying. Heres a post that you might enjoy it has lots of info on coturnix quail.
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    Crippled Foot? Please Help!!!

    Not sure what kind of cripppled you are talking about. if its toes are curled try duct tape. straighten its toes out and put it to a piece of duct tape, curling the edges over the top of its toes so it will stay in place. then leave it for a few days, it should fix the problem.
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    Button Quail Eggs For SAle

    24+ button quail eggs for sale. $15 + Shipping
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    Ringneck Pheasant Eggs For Sale

    15+ eggs. Ready to go out tomorrow. $18 +shipping. ($10 for shipping)
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    Please Read! Broody pushed another egg out of nest a week from hatch!

    Quote: Yep thats more than likely what is going on.
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    Newbie Question?

    i put my birds outside with no heat as soon as they are fully feathered. As long as the temps arent down in the 20s. As far as the size, its nothing to worry about if they are eating and drinking fine. Not sure about the eye its probaly nothing as long as it doesnt look infected.
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