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    Gender Double Check Polish Chickens

    I agree 100% on being pullets!
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    Americanas or Easter Eggers

    X2! Definitely EE :) I love my EE
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    Hen or Roo? -Silkie

    It's always hard to tell but it looks like a hen! :)
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    5 week buff orpington. He or She?

    Agree Definite cockerel! Sorry!:(
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    Aren't they old enough to lay eggs? help..

    It really depends on the hen. Most lay between 6-8 months, while others can take up to 12 months! There are many factors to consider also, etc. lighting, feed, conditions, how many togehter, just to name a few. I wouldn't worry to much as she will lay soon enough! Good luck :)
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    9 Week Old Polish - Hens or Roos Please

    Right now they both look to be pullets! Here is my male and female! female male
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    Hen or Roo, novice edition

    That first picture is a absolute cockerel! He is a beauty! You might be able to sell him instead of eating him. I know peeps are always looking for male Cochins!
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    Male or Female?

    X2 sorry
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    Mixed bantam hen???

    Can you post another pic? It's not showing up
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    What Gender are these Frizzles?

    #1 looks like a cockerel #2 looks like a pullet
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    Wyandotte mix??

    It's kinda hard to see with that light in the background but it looks like it is a GLW :)
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    Is he blue splash or mottled?

    I agree with both that he's blue but I tend to agree that he's more a blue molted than a splash!
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    New from MA.

    :welcome I live in upstate NY and it gets mighty cold and a lot of snow. I have a couple of coops built 10x16 with electric in one. I use only hardware cloth so nothing can get in or chew it's way through. If your building please don't use plain old chicken wire. Minks, raccoons, and all those...
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    is this roo a ameraucana or ee?

    Ee have the all over color like yours does, where's true Amerucunas are either, black, blue, silver, white, wheaten, blue wheaten, etc. they all have the muff that covers most of their face. EE Can have the muffs too
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