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    11 week Brahama Bantam

    Ive gone back and forth on this bird about a million times but I havent seen a whole lot of Brahamas in my day. What am I looking at here? Thanks!!!
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    When to assist? 28 hours breakin shell in weird spot and its slow going

    Hatched at 8 am this morning on its own! 40 hrs but it started to gain some momentum late night and made some exclelent progress. Thanks for the help!!
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    June Hatch-A-Long

    Hatch day today!!! Exhausting and anxiety ridden but i got some bantam brahamas making there way into the world as we speak. One hatched and five to go ( I know, its a small hatch)! This lil dude flipped over after a quick nap and is doing great.
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    When to assist? 28 hours breakin shell in weird spot and its slow going

    Check out the pic below, I have a chick that has been working on this hole for 28 hours now with slow progress. It pipped in an odd spot too, most likely due to the saddled air cell it has. So when do i pop the lid and assist? 36 hours? I dont think it needs much to crack, it just cant seem to...
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    Has anyone incubated eggs purchased from Ebay?

    I am on my 4th batch of chicken eggs from ebay and have had decent reaults with the exception of one batch. That batch had a rough go in shipping and was packaged by an inexperienced shipper so i think that was the cause but that happens. All in all my numbers are still around 50%, and I have...
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    Silver Laced Wyandotte sexing

    Early on this post someone talk about silver shoulders being roosters/cockerels, is this for reals? And are these couple day olds all roos w silver shoulders??
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    Vines on Your Run

    I grow grape vines over my coops, they provide shade in the summer, sun in the winter annnd chickens love the fruits ‘n leaves. They will eat the heck out of em if they are grown too low. G’luck!
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    Wanted: Bantam Brahma Eggs (why are they so hard to find??)

    Chicks are awesome but my kid and I have been incubating eggs and love the process. Plus we have neighbors so no roosters allowed!
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    Building your own chick home using heatmat

    I use something similar, I use a “thermopeep” aka small animal heating pad for about $30. Extremely safe and not a fire hazard like those heating lamps. You can make a wooden hut (2x4 and plywood) to help contain heat if its real cold, but here in Cali its not necessary. Set it and forget it!
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    Wanted: Bantam Brahma Eggs (why are they so hard to find??)

    Hi all, Im looking to get some bantam brahmas to add to my flock but i cant seem to find hatching eggs of any kind for the breed, only chicks. Anyone out there got 8-12 eggs of bantam brahmas they’d like to sell? Thanks!!
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    Trade Hatching Eggs for Seeds/Plants

    I too would love to trade some aeeds for hatching eggs. I have an excellent collection of heirloom tomato seeds, in particular varieties that can handle heat as I am in the central valley of California. i also have some great varities of cucumber (4 types), zucchini (4 types), and basil as well...
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    4.5 Week chicks and temperature

    Word w the other folks, as long as they are not silkies they should be fine outside or sans heat lamp at that age.
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    Question about Horizontal Water nipples

    I use horizontal nipples on a small scale from about day 10 on. I dont use a bucket at that age, however, i use a small clear water bottle that most likely puts a smaller amount of water pressure on the nipple making it easier to push. Good luck changing the water is a pain!!!
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    Strange situation (incubating feral chicken eggs)

    I dont know enough to give you a good answer but i love the move rearing ferals!!! Good luck
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    Are these eggs viable?

    I dont know, i got these from a friend to hatch. Sorry i know they are an EE xSilkie cross but thats about it.
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