When to assist? 28 hours breakin shell in weird spot and its slow going


May 21, 2019
Central Valley California
Check out the pic below, I have a chick that has been working on this hole for 28 hours now with slow progress. It pipped in an odd spot too, most likely due to the saddled air cell it has. So when do i pop the lid and assist? 36 hours? I dont think it needs much to crack, it just cant seem to hit the right spot on the egg. Im at day 21, with one hatched so far, one other pipped, 99.3 F temp and 84% humidity in a Magicfly incubator. Thanks!!


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Apr 15, 2020
Nova Scotia
My Coop
My Coop
If they externally pip on the right end (and have made a proper internal pip proceeding that), I would give them 24hrs and then start assisting. Just be careful that it's ready and there are no blood vessels left - smart to read up about this a bunch before helping it out. When it pips at the wrong end you often have to wait longer - as it's internal and external pip are done at the same time since it goes right through the shell of the egg without first entering an air cell. In this case it can take them up to 48hrs, though I had one hatch itself yesterday in just over 24hrs that had pipped like this.

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