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    wobbly hen?

    I have a Barred Rock hen, just over a year old that was happy & thriving up until 4 days ago and then I noticed she was just sitting in the grass all day. I brought her into the house but there has been no improvement atall. It can't be parasites, internal or external as I have just recently...
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    why did she die?

    Do you worm your chickens? Could be an over load of worms. I lost three, what seemed perfectly healthy chickens. They then started wheezing/rasping. It was capillary worms
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    Natural remedy for worms?

    I too wanted to stay all natural with my chickens. I used a herbal wormer from Hoegger's. I lost three chickens to a rasping/wheezing then FINALLY found a vet that would run a fecal on my chickens. Turned out they had capillary worms, that's what killed the three, an overload. I had to worm...
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    funny breathing?

    I noticed my tom turkey seems to be struggling to inhale??? Any ideas?? He seems fine in himself, eyes and nostril clear etc. Also what is the dosage of safeguard for worming turkeys? Anyone use Ivermectin pour on for mite control? If so, what dose is that also? many thanks
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    identification of parasites

    Anyone out there got a parasite identification reference chart? Just got myself a decent microscope off craigslist and want to be able to run my own fecal samples. I have ordered books but have to wait for them to arrive
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    I lost three of my chickens to worms. Weak, not eating, wheezing/rasping. Can't tell you how important it is to get fecal tests run and to have a worming programme. I'm learning by my BIG mistakes!
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    Wheezing chicken

    I lost three chickens that were also wheezing in a matter of days. I finally found a vet that would run a fecal on chickens and turns out mine have Capillary Worms. I would definitely reccomend getting a fecal done asap! Good luck!
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    need advice on crossbeak chick

    We hatched our own chicks in April 2011 and got one with a crooked beak. As the months went by the beak got worse despite regular trimming at the vet (you can buy a dremmel at Home depot and do it yourself) and she was unable to feed herself so we took to syringe feeding her 3 times a day with...
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    No veterinarian will see my chicken. Need worming help please

    Hi there, I lost three chickens to what I originally thought was gape worms (mine, too, were stretching their necks and opening their mouths). Had the same problem as you, couldn't find a vet that would run a fecal on chicken poop but finally found one last week. He ran the test and it turns...
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    Forgot to mention on my last post that the fecal also showed some coccidea. What do you guys treat with?
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    WARNING: Capillary worms

    I lost three chickens to a disease that left them with no appetite and wheezing. In a matter of days, all three were dead. I finally found a vet that would run a fecal on chickens and it turns out mine have Capillary worms! It's a crop worm. The vet told me to treat with Safeguard (any other...
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    worms?? and how to treat?

    thanks so much for replying
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    While cleaning my turkey coop this morning I noticed what looked like worms (2 of them), kinda like dried cooked spaghetti. I have two turkeys that are housed separately from my 40 chickens. I've had the turkeys one for three weeks and the other for two. Took a fecal to my dog vet but he said...
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    worms?? and how to treat?

    The vet wouldn't do a fecal as he said he can't identify what kind of parasite in poultry but he guessed it was round worm?? Any help would be appreciated
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