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    Fertile Poultry Egg Swap!

    I have a dozen Americauna eggs or 8 Cayuga Duck eggs to offer and I’m looking for marans or a colorful mix of chicken eggs or turkey eggs
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    Toad Raising.

    I've been following this thread for a long time. I'm so interested in this project! I can't wait to hear about how your chickens handle the heat. It doesn't get quite that hot here, but it can get just over a hundred in the summer. I'd love to be able to start with some toads of my own, but I...
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    Pekin Ducks

    A bright orange bill is a drake in Pekin ducks, while the females have a pinkish/fleshy colored bill.
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    March 2018 Hatch-a-long

    Can I join? I just set 23 silkie eggs today, and 25 legbar eggs yesterday.
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    SWVA/ Eastern KY Wise TSC swap

    Information just posted on our regional Craigslist. Wise, VA TSC will be hosting swaps according to the following schedule: It's almost that time of the year again. We will be having the first animal swap of the year on March 17, 2018 and then hopefully every 3rd Saturday of the month after...
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    Seed Swap!

    Yes, the road is flooded so I'm shut in until the water recedes.
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    Seed Swap!

    I would love to have some of the light pink English tea roses, and some lilies. What are you looking for? I have lots of various veggie seeds. I'll post a list on here soon as I inventory them. ISO: Flowers (bulbs especially) of virtually any type Dill Cilantro Garlic Onions Parsnip Turnip I...
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    SOLD..Silkie roosters-NPIP and can ship

    Hehe.... too handsome a boy to resist.
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    Seed Swap!

    Nice! I'll have some seeds to swap, but they're all at my other place ATM. I'll post in a couple weeks though when I get the rest of my stuff.
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    Seed Swap!

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    february hatch along

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    SOLD..Silkie roosters-NPIP and can ship

    Really? How much would it cost to ship? I'm just getting my flock started after moving, so all my birds are chicks less than a month old and still in the brooder. Do you have any old or not desirable for breeding hens you could send with him so he's not lonely?
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