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    Sportsman GGF Cabinet Incubator, Clear Door in Excellent Condition with trays

    I have a Sportsman incubator that is several years old, but looks like almost new. It has been well taken care of. I haven't the 5 gallon bucket, but everything else and have quail, chicken and duck/turkey egg trays. Extra humidity sponges too. Clear see-thru door, you really will like that...
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    I need help! What is a good, quiet, friendly pet duck breed?

    No offense taken and apologies if I came off a little gruff. As I said I respect your right to choose whatever makes you happy as it would be a shame if we all liked the same thing, huh? So many people are down on Muscovys and many haven't really given them a chance, like many people are...
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    Muscovy laying/brooding

    Wish I had an answer for you, but I would imagine in would be around April in your neck of the woods, but I'm only guessing. Mine, at least one of them, has been laying every couple of days now for about 2-3 weeks, but I really don't expect any real egg laying to begin here in central Florida...
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    I need help! What is a good, quiet, friendly pet duck breed?

    I wonder what experience you have had with the Muscovy duck to be so close-minded. Is it because you think ALL of them are ugly or what? I have Muscovys and only Muscovys and for me, I would own no other for numerous reasons. Mine are all white, friendly, wag their tails, lay a fair amount of...
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    Duck egg size

    If it is the beginning or the ending of the laying season or if it is her first couple of eggs or so, it is not unusual for the eggs to be larger, smaller or misshapen until she gets adjusted to laying.
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    Are Ducks louder than Chickens?

    Definitely depends on the breed of duck. If you get Khaki Campbell for instance, the females seem to never shut up and quack frequently. Most ducks will and can be heard for some distance and are louder than most chickens IMO. On-the-other-hand, Muscovy ducks (some are downright ugly, again...
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    What happened to some of the old time people.

    I'm an "old timer" in some circles, don't know about here though.
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    Tiny garden and neighbours living close; Should I keep chickens?

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I understand your concern not to bother the neighbors with unwanted noise and are you looking for chickens for the eggs or for the meat? Chickens, especially around egg laying time can be very loud so be sure to find the most quiet of breeds. They can also...
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    I lost a Muscovy duck to a bobcat a couple of months ago during the day. I was outside and heard the commotion, but thought it was one of the drakes chasing a female but I was wrong. About an hour later I found a headless duck near where the commotion was and as I had never had a bobcat issue...
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    I live in Sumter county and I plan on attending this year. Haven't been in several years and I raise only white Muscovys "the ultimate duck", but I still like to see all the poultry on display. THANKS FOR POSTING cmom.
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    Who has a problem peeling boiled eggs?

    OK, I hit the RED FLAG by mistake thinking it was an "edit", sorry moderators! An edit here for perfect SOFT BOILED EGGS: Put one half inch of water in pan and bring to a boil. Add eggs straight from refrigerator. Cover. Cook six and one half minutes. Remove eggs and run them under cold...
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    Muscovy keepers share your pics!

    I would remove about half of the eggs to a more manageable size for the duck to hatch. It would be nice to know which eggs are the oldest and remove those, but I doubt they were marked. Are either of them starting to go broody and remain on the nest? Also, where are you in the Philippines? Bob
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    Ducks first egg!!!

    Crazy4Fowl, I am at a loss to understand your statement, the "other posters are incorrect" ? How? When you group us all together and say we are incorrect, it ruffles my feathers (lol). I said I would have it for breakfast, and that's what I would do. I do not read anywhere above that anyone...
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    Ducks first egg!!!

    If it were mine, I'd have it for breakfast, say as a scrambled egg.
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    It's Muscovy Laying Time Again.

    I have downsized my flock of White Muscovy ducks from over 150 to a more manageable size of 30 or so. Last year, my cabinet incubator was on 24/7 from February thru June, but not this year! I may raise a few but I will probably use one of my Styrofoam 'bators with a turner and maybe raise a...
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