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  1. Cheryls Chicken Coop

    Cheryls Chicken Coop

    We started the coop in the fall, it is 4' x 6' and it is fully insultated, and wired with electricity. Three nest boxes...blocked off one for storage, with a door to open up each one sepatately. The window is double paned and inspired by windows we saw in Sweden. Behind the roost is now a flat...
  2. Cheryl

    Possible makeover of U.S. egg industry

    I just got this from the Humane Society. The organization and the United Egg Producers announced an agreement which could result in a complete makeover of the U.S. egg industry.
  3. Cheryl

    Helicopters Whirlygigs Maple Trees?

    My chickens are eating my Japanese Maple that is in their pen. It is lovely shade, but I need them to destroy something else! Does anyone have any suggestions what I could entice them with?
  4. Cheryl

    My EE chickie needs a time-out!!! IF I didnt know I'd think rooish

    I have 2 ee's they were hatched last June, they just laid their first eggs 2 weeks ago! I had about given up!!!! They are not friendly at all, leave my yard continuously, they fly amazingly well and are uncatchable!!! But at least they have enough sense to come home! Though I worry when they...
  5. Cheryl

    Finally a green egg!

    I got my 2 ees at one of the Milford NH Chicken swaps last June and finally they are laying!!! What fun to see that strange color!
  6. Cheryl

    coop heaters

    If you look in the'll find lots of information on how people heat their coops...
  7. Cheryl

    Boston Terrier Returned!

    Thank you all for the support...this is a great place to be on times of need!
  8. Cheryl

    Boston Terrier Returned!

    Gracie was returned to us, brought right to the door!! She gained 1 1/2 lbs over the 3 days she was missing. She is now micro-chipped and will always wear a collar! If this happens to anyone else, I used craigslist,, and NO ONE ever saw our dog...
  9. Cheryl

    Boston Terrier Returned!

    2 days and no Gracie...I sent letters to every vet found in my phone book today, tomorrow an ad goes into the Nashua Telegraph with a picture for one week. I will be dropping flyers off to the post office mail carriers in hopes that if they see what might be my dog they can contact someone. I...
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    Boston Terrier Returned!

    Gracie got loose and has been missing for just under 24 hours, it is killing my family. We posted flyers immediately, call the police station, walked around town for over 6 hours. Today we called someone with a tracking dog, but at 18 hours it was just a little too late... Please keep Gracie...
  11. Cheryl

    Incubator assistance please

    Seriously, I have no real intentions of incubating any more eggs than the 4 I have! I have more chickens than I need right now and do prefer to buy chicks...those couldn't be put in my suit case!!! The temp is running steady around 93, the humidity almost 100% with no fan, will the fan help...
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    Flopping around

    How do I put together a vitamin/electrolyte solution? I will give her an egg immediately, right now I only have flavored yogurt, so will go out in a bit and get some.
  13. Cheryl

    Flopping around

    I have no idea when it started...she was fine went I left!!!! 1) What type of bird , age and weight. no idea what her weight is 2) What is the behavior, exactly. already explained 3) Is there any bleeding, injury, broken bones or other sign of trauma. already explained 4) What happened, if...
  14. Cheryl

    Incubator assistance please

    I do not know of anyone with an incubator.... my bantam cochins are presently on strike...if it works, great, if it doesn't, that's ok too...I'm leaving it plugged in over night to see what the temps are in the morning. The eggs are going into the basement, it is cooler there, until I'm ready...
  15. Cheryl

    Incubator assistance please

    I have started to build the incubator...I have a light, water and temperature gauges, I went with Ms. Prissy's directions...I do not have the hot water heater thermostat, fan or water wiggler. The temp with a 25 watt bulb is staying at 90, (too low) and the humidity is 76, I know that is too...
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