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    The Kitchen Table - come sit with us! new request added to post 1!

    Plans are getting one kid to college and new baby due late Nov or early Dec.
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    Is it just me? Have we lost a lot of members? Members posting differently?

    I took a break. Sick kid who was just slow to bounce back made for a very nervous mother. Then we got into adopting our foster son and college for him. Then the 6 month old twins figured out crawling. Life got in the way for a while. I do love my birds and reading and talking to adults. But my...
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    Seeing as we got two already on complete scholarships, college isn't a huge issue. I may be dumber than rocks, but my kids at least got their brains from hubby. Plus next in line will be a sophomore in high school next year, wants to go into engineering and has schools drooling over her...
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    Hey, they will be toddlers by then! Not so bad. At least in my world. It's fine, we're happy. It's just how did we wind up with 11 kids. No, I do not need an explanation. I forgot our 7 Easter Egger hens. But they don't have a roo, they just lay pretty green eggs. Plus they are cute. How is...
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    *frantically waves hello* I've missed y'all! Everyone here is healthy and doing well. School is rapidly drawing to a close, ourformerly foster, recently adopted son is going to Cornell also, wants to be a vet. The babies are huge chunks and at 7 months old crawl all over. Thomas is trying to...
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    The Salvation Army Bell Ringers

    Bad me, that's one org I've never supported. All too often the ringers are paid and I don't trust the SA (ok, I don't trust any Christian church, but that's another matter). But when I get told go *beep* off for not putting my change in the open bucket as a new mother with an infant living on...
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    "Changes to child labor laws hurt farmers."

    Can't tell if it'll hit rouging and detassling corn or not. Doesn't seem to at first read, but who knows what will happen. Then again, Gingrich thinks we should put poor kids to work.
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    OK so I didnt over-react .pls make sure y'r kids are safe on the net

    Also, from another stand point... Identity theft. If full name and location is put out, while it's not as easy to steal an identity as other ways, I suspect those who would do so would have enough information to start. It's "easier" to steal a minor's identity because they aren't working or...
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    OK so I didnt over-react .pls make sure y'r kids are safe on the net

    Good job Dar! I'm actually not on the side of blaming the teacher entirely. Stupid, yes. Bad move, yes. Should know better, yes. But from the reaction of the entire school and board it sounds like it's a system wide problem. The teacher is just following along with what the school does and...
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    Song stuck in ur head?

    I'm going to TRY to bribe my 8 y/o into watching something OTHER than that DVD for the 9th time today. But he's home, he's recovering and he'll be fine, so I'll put up with it yet again. And it's better than 90% of the music out there.
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    The most stupid thing I have ever seen....

    Stupid, sure. But what else is a singing fish? My DH would find it hilarious and funny. I'd get it for him, but my children would find a way to cause harm to society at large with that, so I best not.
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    Got my coffee, a donut, and a happy song in my head....

    Busy weekend, I had children to torment and/or snuggle. 7 of them are back in school today. Grant is feeling better, but still not up for much. Moving around hurts still, so he's pretty happy in DH's chair with his pillow and blanket.
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    Got my coffee, a donut, and a happy song in my head....

    The baby does not have cancer in his brain or spinal column, so it is treatable still! Very good news today and his parents are most thankful for the news. They are starting chemo today on the little guy, so they will be in the hospital with him over the weekend, but they need to be with their...
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    in this random rambling thread we post random pictures

    Quote: Perro Loco I Don't Know doesn't work so well. Perro Loco is great! Are you kidding me? But then again, my spanish isn't so good. Mine isn't either, and I'm not sure I spelled that right. But that was my first pets name, and I don't know the things name before she married the other...
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    So, what are you most thankful for?

    My DH is working, but not deployed this year. My 8 y/o is annoying me by playing the same 3 songs over and over and over again, but that means he's home. I now know the full freaking lyrics to Posion by Alice Cooper if anyone cares. Everyone else is safe and sound. My 18 y/o is going to...
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