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    Leg Bands for chickens at young age?

    Just wondering since this is going to be my first time putting on leg bands. I have 6 Light Brahma pullets(3 weeks old) that I cant tell apart so I’m getting them leg bands. Do leg bands cause any problems to their legs? I feel like leg bands would squeeze too tight on their legs. Just asking...
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    Rooster Breed

    Bought a rooster for laying hens. What breed is he?
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    After effects of some disease or infection.

    WOAH THIS CONPLETELY DESCRIBES THE CONDITION WITH THE CHICKENS. Always thought it was pretty normal for bubbles to form in the morning because I thought it was a weird way for them to wake up.
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    After effects of some disease or infection.

    So it has been a few months but I’ve never asked about it. All my chickens started having running noses and sneezing a lot. They got horribly thin even though I saw their stomachs were packed with food. I lost 12 Hmong chickens, 1 ISA brown, and 1 Ayam cemani to the infection. I gave them shots...
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    Tall little fellow

    This little boy was gift from family members. Would like to know breed. Malay, shamo? He is around 4 months old. Took pictures at night cause it’s nighttime right now duh.
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    This morning 2 of my babies hatched and I can see another egg poking a hole in it's shell. They are all May 25th eggs. This is also my very first time hatching my own baby chicks. They're asiatic game breeds.(Shamo/asil/malay. idk what they are)
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    I've never heard of cinnamon dust but I'll be sure to try it if anymore ants get in which I am doubtful about because my incubator is sitting on a chair so I put tape on the legs to trap the ants.
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    Yeah I checked this morning the ants are gone.
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    So I am incubating chicks now and I there are some ants in the incubator because we accidentally dropped a rotten egg in it. I was going to clean out the ants but one of the eggs started peeping. There is a hole so you can see the beak and it's wet fuzz. Some ants go near the crack but then walk...
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    How to feed a broody hen?

    My incubator right now is full. 42 eggs in the incubator since May 27th. I will probably just take the newer eggs in for eating
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    How to feed a broody hen?

    My hen has around 10-15 eggs under her because some are from other hens laying in her nest. She sits on all of the eggs
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    How to feed a broody hen?

    Have a broody hen that I haven't seen get up from her eggs to eat. Do I just put some feed in front of her or...
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    SS and Austrolorp gender?

    Close to laying australorp. Both pullets
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    Chick Much Smaller Than Others

    Woah is that really a 10 week old cockerel??? Looks a lot older than 10 weeks
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