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    Belgian Bearded d'Uccle Roosters - Pick Up Only - Conn - 3 Available

    Hatched 1st week of April. Beautiful birds! We have 3 boys available. We would be willing to trade for Silkie Hen/Hens. We would be willing to deliver within a reasonable distance. More pictures are available upon request.
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    Look what we caught last night

    Waste not Want not! I found this online. Bar-B-Q'd Raccoon ~ 4 - 6 lb. raccoon, cut into serving pieces ~ 1 cup red wine ~ 2 onions, sliced ~ 3 bay leaves ~ 1 tbsp salt ~ 1 tsp pepper ~ 3 cloves garlic, sliced ~ 2 cups of your favorite barbecue sauce ~ 1 tbsp paprika Place the raccoon...
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    Your dogs !?!

    Quote: I would say they can be Yippy but I wouldn't say they are know to be nippy. I have had great luck with MinPins - I got my originals from a lady named Deb Dierking - My wife and I always take the time to ensure our dogs are well trained and so far all...
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    What Are These Things???

    The small one is a drake wood duck - I have no idea about the larger one.
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    Turkey Vultures?

    I have several that hang out in the back yard and watch the girls. My roosters always round everyone up when the first start circling overhead but calm down when they realize they are no harm to them after they land on the kids swing set in the back yard. Now the Coopers Hawk now thats another...
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    does anyone have a coupon for

    THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH! I missed out on the free shipping that they offered me in January and have been postponing ordering new tri-fold cartons till they offered it again. I just used the code and received fex-ex ground shipping free!
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    Chickenstock fiesta yardsale August 21

    Thanks for the invite - I didn't realize how much I missed BYC! I am not sure I will be able to make it up on the 25th due to work. I guess I should be grateful to be working so much! Hopefully I will make it to a couple of the Chickenstocks in the area this year it will be nice to finally...
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    Chicken Crazy

    I think that they should make this an official "disorder" for all of us chicken folk! I came down with a strong case of "chicken crazy" today when my DW and I visited the local feed store for a few supplies. As we walked in we were greeted with the music of hundreds of baby chick peeps! I have...
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    While 10% of USA is unemployed - rant

    As a fellow hard working CT resident I feel your pain. But what I really want to say is "Thank You" Thank you for being a loving parent who no matter how difficult this society makes it is still doing all that you can to raise your children to be responsible for their actions and for being a...
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    Millet seed They are in Longmeadow, Ma and I know you can buy it by the box for a fair price. I have also used their sprays of millet and grown my own for my mothers finches
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    R.i.p. ????

    It's official we found jimmy hoffa!
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    Hello everyone I'm from Stafford on the Somers line - it's been a while since I have been on BYC nice to see everyone doing well!
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    Don't tread on me! - Replacing old Glory?

    I took a tour of the USS Massachusetts last week and this brought it all into prospective for me!
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    Gas Generators

    Gas Generator - I was wondering how you knew my wife's pet name for me! Now I realize you were refering to a piece of equipment not me.
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