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    husbands sister needs to go rant

    Id be super mad if my hubby let things like that happen. and not listen to me. He shoulda had your back. BUT im glad that things are better!
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    Stupid Vacuum... *Update*

    id say dyson. I am in the line for a new one as well. My sis in law has a purple Dyson as does two ladies i work with. all three swear by them. i know they are spendy though. But my sis in law has 5 pugs, and it sucks the dog hair up like you wouldn't believe. and one lady has three cats, and...
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    Unfriended My Mother on FB

    I unfriended my cousin. When my dad passed away last year, she made it a point to call everyone on her side of the family and make sure to tell them that my dad didn't want services and that they shouldn't come to them(since we were having them) that we were not following his wishes. Whatever...
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    piercings and tattoos for them or against them?

    i have not read all the posts. I dont' have that much time right now. but i wanted to say that i have had many piercings.. and i have 8 tattoos.. and im getting more. the piercings i have had include(but are not all of) my ears(three times each) my tongue, labret(twice) my earl(the bridge of...
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    I have been pranked by the master pranker... You won't belive this!

    Someone could prank me with some Turkens LOL i love them little guys I love your pics.
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    Life changes in an husband passed away

    I'm very sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you and your children. I could only imagine the feelings. I hope that your healing starts taking place soon.
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    DD is turning 13 and i need ideas

    Quote: That's a GREAT idea.. the makeover one.. i think im gonna do that lol. she did want a beach party, where we go to the beach for swimming, then we come home for a "normal" dinner with cake and ice cream.(day before we will have the family over for cake and ice cream) anyway, i will...
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    DD is turning 13 and i need ideas

    like.. sprinkles? candy sprinkles? seriously? i know people that like the bread with something like cheez wiz on it and crushed up chips. that's pretty good. lol. never heard of a sprinkly sandwich though.
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    DD is turning 13 and i need ideas

    Quote: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I totally have to agree! lol. what's a sprinkle sandwich? lol. the reason i am not asking her is cuz she is NO help! lol. i ask her what she wants for her b-day.. she tells me nail polish. lol. i ask what she'd like for a party.. she tells me she doesn't...
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    DD is turning 13 and i need ideas

    Cassie that is a great idea. Thanks so much!
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    DD is turning 13 and i need ideas

    id love to do an outdoor thing here at our house but sadly the mosquitos are tooooo bad. ugh. unless i got the bug sucker thing i saw on tv. LOL. we did a sorta Hawaiian one a few years ago. maybe we could do it again, with all the lights and so forth. that would be fun.. if the bugs ARE...
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    DD is turning 13 and i need ideas

    Ok, i need ideas for a b-day party. She is becoming a teen AND it's her golden b-day. I am not sure what to do for her for a party. I don't want to spend to much money (since i really don't have much to begin with) but we have done parties in the park mostly. but i wanted to do something a...
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    A most precious gift - from my Dad to my husband *pic*

    when my dad passed away, the local guard gave him a 21 gun salute as well. My gma(his mother) was there, but she was so drugged up cuz she was in the process of dying as well. The flag went to my brother. The casings went to his children and his brother and sister that were here as well. i took...
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    ~~Crazy 24hr Auction~~

    i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE NNs too LOL. super cute and awesome birds. I can never have enough.. now i just want different colors LMAO
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