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    How should I provide ventilation in our new DYI incubator?

    Nice job. Can't see why it shouldn't work. Ventilation is probably just a guessing game. So keep us posted on what works. I haven't found anything on how to calculate a fresh air exchange rate. I'm thinking of building me a new one out of wood as well. But going to try and keep it a bit bigger...
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    Hey all... I'm in the big city of Gholson (just 12 miles north of waco). And looking for someone who might have some blue laced red wyandottes hatching eggs within 100 Miles of me. Don't have to be a show breed but some nice representation of the breed. Thanks in advance.
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    Brown spots on my watermelons rinds

    Anyone have a idea whats causing brown spots on my watermelons rinds?
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    going to get cold what to do?

    I have hatched out about 26 chicks 10 days ago. I have them in a broader that's 4 ft by 6 ft encloser with heat lamp. I also have 5 chicks my brown legghorn hatched out 3 weeks ago that are still with her now. Now the problem is now that's going to get cold over the next few days (high in mid...
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    Welsh Harlequin

    They all look like sliver to me. Notice the blue on their wings. Also they are still quite young. I noticed their legs are not right yet either. But that could be the lighting. Drake legs should be turning orange. And ducks should be dark gray. Again give them time they will turn into some...
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    Cochin Thread!!!

    My wife saw this fuzzy little yellow and blue chick in Atwood about 3 months ago. I was going to give the little guy time to mature some before finding out the breed. Best I can tell it's a cochin but not sure if it's a self blue or a lighter color standard "blue" cochin. He seems to be to...
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    Where can I rescue ex- battery hens?

    Seeing that you work for one. What do you call the place that takes in the battery hen? Retirement home for battery hen? Would like to know so I can goggle them for texas. Thanks
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    Just about all goat hoofs are done the same way. I don't try to over do it if it's the first time. Just get them as even as you can without any voids to trap dirt in. I get my shears at TCS for about 10 bucks I'm thinking. Had them for over 2 years now. You'll see a pic of them in the link...
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    Hey that's great to here. I'm out in Gholson. Was thinking I was the only one from Waco on BYC.
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    Hi all, I'm just a few miles north of Waco. Looks like I'm not going to get my fence up this weekend like I had planned to. Got 90% chance of rain today. Just checked out the radar and looks like another storm is coming from the south west. Man this has got to be the wettest spring I've seen in...
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    Here's some interesting article about how the bird flu has effected price of egg (liquid form)
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    D'uccle Thread

    I got this chick few weeks ago at Atwood. And live just outside of Waco TX so I'm sure these chick's came from Ideal just down the road. And I'm almost sure that it's a self blue d'Uccle. Just hoping you guy can confirm my guess. Also after seeing pairs_r post above I have some concerns. But not...
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    what type of tree is this?

    Hers a few more pics. This one is the backside of leaves And a better one of front. Here you can see all the sapling bunched up. Some are multiple but most are single trunks.
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    what type of tree is this?

    I've never seen flowers or fruit of any kind on these trees. Must be something else unless there's a fruitless flower less strands
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    what type of tree is this?

    Hopefully someone can help me with finding what type of tree that's in the pic below. I thought it was a live oak tree, but my uncle told me it was something different. He couldn't remember the the name of it ,but said he's thinking it started with "A". All I can tell you it my goats won't touch...
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