going to get cold what to do?


Dec 8, 2011
Waco texas
I have hatched out about 26 chicks 10 days ago. I have them in a broader that's 4 ft by 6 ft encloser with heat lamp. I also have 5 chicks my brown legghorn hatched out 3 weeks ago that are still with her now. Now the problem is now that's going to get cold over the next few days (high in mid 40's lows in upper 20's) and I'm going out of town. My wife works and will be keeping an eye on them an able to check on them late afternoons. My concerns is not the chicks in the brooder, but the 5 with my brown legghorn hen. I have no way to put a heat lamp on the to stay warm. And then theirs the problem with there water freezing. I have no way to keep that from happening either. So I was wondering if I should put the 5 older chicks with my younger ones in the brooder or keep them with mom and hope my wife can keep the water thaw?
What's your thoughts on my dilemma?


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Jul 16, 2015
Leave the chicks with their mommy, she will keep them warm, I give my chickens warm water twice a day, morning and afternoon.


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Dec 11, 2009
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Have you ever heard of cookie tin water heaters? Today it's way below freezing and I have several plugged in under the waterers.

You can get a bottle lamp kit at any hardware store or builder supply. Drill a hole in the side of the cookie tin, screw on the parts, insert a forty watt incandescent bulb, and instant water heater. You still need to bring the water inside at night because the low wattage isn't high enough to keep the water from freezing all night.

Bu it saves several trips outside with a jug of hot water to warm up the near freezing water.

And don't worry about the broody and her chicks. She will keep them plenty warm. Just make sure she has access to food and water.

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