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    WTH??? This Guy is a NUT!!!

    I think it's a hoax too
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    I had to giggle, " most aggressive dogs"

    Those "studies" are meaningless to me without knowing what all the variables and controls were used in the studies. Any dog can be aggressive given the "right" circumstances, training, genetics, etc. Where did these dogs come from? What traits did the breeders make an effort to include or not...
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    I hate the smell of...

    The dogs smell horrible after eating cow poo The smell of an ashtray makes me as well.... Dried milk that spilled on the stanchion or after being splashed on my clothes...that's stinky too... dried spilled milk is right up there with dogs eating cow poo
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    I can't believe she did that!!! What would you do?

    That's excellent, that worked out well for you. It avoided any anxiety and sounds like it was really easy. I'm glad the feed store worked with you. I know you're getting an even exhange moneywise, but I'm wondering, did the feed you regularly get cost as much as the feed your customer was...
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    I can't believe she did that!!! What would you do?

    Well, you have a few choices IMOHO: I would simply tell her that the feed is not appropriate and I would say specifically why. Then I would accept the two bags of feed since you agreed to get two bags to try. And then I'd ask her to return the other eight bags. Then I would make it clear to her...
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    As if being broke isnt bad enuff I broke my phone!

    I've had a phone for years without any occurrences, and then I ran out of money and there you go: I washed my phone in the laundry. Twice. about a month apart I was about to cry the other day when I noticed the flip part was broken and about to flip off. Thankfully, it wasn't that long ago...
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    Goat Miscarriage - Causes?

    I've had a few does rammed by their field-mates and lost their pregnancies. In addition to all the above reasons, getting rammed is a possibility too. I'd watch the herd dynamics and we all know they butt and ram each other, but if someone is being too rough, I'd move that one to another area...
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    another idiot dog owner

    Most of the responses are kind of....strange? to me. But I have to respond (and with all respect to each and every one of you). All it says in the article is: "Mr. Rickard was walking his blue heeler dog Rocky at the back of his property about a quarter mile from his home when they woke the...
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    Another close call

    Quote: Some dogs are just skinny that way. One of my dogs is ribs-and-hip-bones-showing-skinny and gets plenty of food and exercise. Nothing's wrong with him, he's just thinly built. As for what you should have done, you can always report something that you question as abuse or neglect. It...
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    What do you do with the bodies?

    Everything, including marauding dogs, goes to the back of the property in the woods and gets for the coyotes and buzzards. There's no sense in wasting it IMOHO
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    How do I get my dog to stop attacking?

    Quote: Shock collars are an excellent way to train dogs. It works very well if you work with your dogs consistently. And the goal is not to shock the crap out of the dog until he/she is too scared to go outside. You use it as a behavior modification tool. They need to associated the shock with...
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    PAINTBALL GUN OWNERS!!! Is this a good deal???

    I'd be careful before shooting dogs with a paintball gun. The way most laws are written, you can usually kill a dog that is worrying livestock. But you can be charged with animal cruelty/abuse for *hurting* the dog or causing it pain like shooting it with Bebe guns, pellet guns and paintballs...
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    Will an owl take on a full grown rooster?

    Yes it would, and could, if it wants. I'd try to get him to go inside when the sun goes down. It doesn't take long to establish a habit, and the same goes for chickens. They like their habits. Towards dusk, before you close up, lure him with a treat and bring him to the henhouse. I can't see it...
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    Eeeeeekkkkk! Mice!

    I put out those black boxes with the mice holes in them. They're about 10"x10", black durable plastic? I get the poison from my exterminator. He ASSURED me that if the dogs ate a mouse that was poisoned by this poison it would do them no harm. I don't know what kind of poison it is, I got it...
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    training my dogs...

    When I first got chickens, a couple of my dogs were already grown. I exposed them to the chickens a lot, supervised, and the chickens are just a part of the landscape here. I played with the dogs amoung the chickens. And if they ever chased or were interested in the chickens, I'd yell "no" and...
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